Monday, October 6, 2014

$8.99 Mundo de Yunter Product of Spain

Well I am finally back after a long hiatus. Sorry to my fans. Certain things in life just got in my way. I recently started shopping for wines at Wegmans's a large supermarket chain who has unattached liquor stores next to their quality supermarket. I found a wine from Spain called MUNDO de YUNTER. A red wine. composed of 85% Tempranello and 15% Syrah. The bottle states the wine is from the LA Mancha region of Spain. The vintage is 2012. I paid $8.99 for this bottle and went onto consume a total of three bottles over a three weekend time frame. I introduced this wine to a woman I was dating and this wine suited her to the "P" as in Perfect in taste, texture and aroma. The wine was enjoyed with Barbecue Hamburgers, chicken, Spare Ribs and Steaks, along with Corn on the cob, Sweet Potato and late in the evening with dark chocolate. The feel on your tongue is soft, not dry and not wet, but right, easy to drink and sip as well. The wine was served a bit chilled during the hot summer days and at room temperature in the evening. The blended wine was excellent with Doritos, sharp provolone cheese, pepperoni, as well as crackers and hummus of any style. Wines in my opinion who can go well across fine foods to finger foods, from salty(soft pretzels to spicy) are excellent wines to offer your guests. Mundo De Yunter, 2012 vintage, 13% alcohol by volume, is very good and priced affordable... The product is imported according to the label by: Selection LTD, Monsieur Touton New York, NY, USA The bottle is 750 ML. The product is one your family and friends will enjoy over and over again. It's perfect for a romantic evening. The color is a deep red and can be consumed from any style glass, no wine glass required, plastic will do on a picnic. Visit the website: to find this wine in your State. Tell them Joe sent you from Blog: "Wines don't have to be expensive to be good." Wine drinking should be fun. My blog is for those individuals who aren't wine snobs. While their may be a few wines that deserve a price tag of $100.00 or more, You will never see me purchasing a bottle of wine above $10.00 Joe.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Back with New Inexpensive Wine Reviews

I have been away from writing about Inexpensive wines, those wines which retail for UNDER $10.00 a bottle. Starting Tuesday March 12,2013. I no longer operate SimBeverage & Spices. This time around, I will walk into a liquor store and purchase an inexpensive bottle of wine to discuss, let you know where I purchased the wine and all the info that I can provide you the reader that is printed on each wine bottle. You can enjoy great wines for under $10.00 a bottle and with summer approaching, now is the time to enjoy homemade sangria, experiment with making your own wine coolers, and much more. Have a nice day, Joe Simiriglio Jr

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ca'Isadora A tastefully Produced Pinot Grigio Blend 40%Garganega(Soave) 60% Pinot Grigio

Hello to all my readers: I have really busy lately with Wine Tasting at various liquor stores promotring one of the finest in my personal opinion of a blended Pinot Grigio, CA'ISADORA produced in Italy.
Here are the specs on the bottle:

Indicazione Geografica Tipica
White Wine 2009
Bottled by Ca VI-TI s.r.l
Product of Italy
Alcohol 12% by vol.

The label is all that fancy, the wine has an excellent color, the taste is not very sweet like most Pinot Grigio's. The blend of the Soave Grape and the Pinot Grape allow for the taste buds to taste a soft fruit along the taste buds, and the finish is F-R-E-S-H!

You can drink Ca'Isadora with any food, from Beef Burgers to a fine fish dinner. You can enjoy it with any cheeses, potato chips, all finger and fun foods, and most of all you can enjoy it with a good cigar, yes I said a good cigar!

Wines don't have to be sniffed every time you take a glass, your finger doesn't have to be pointed out in a certain direction, their is no need for stuffiness in drinking wine of any quality.

Wines are very good at under $10.00.

CA'ISADORA SELLS FOR UNDER $9.00 at the following Liquor Stores in Southern New Jersey:

If you are interested in purchasing CA'ISADORA, ask the store owner if they are set up to sell you Ca'Isadora online and ship it to your State.
If not, I Will find a vendor who I can place Ca'Isadora in their online system.

Joe Canals-Sicklerville, NJ stocks 750 ML bottle & 1.5 L bottle ($9.99 ea)
Towne Liquors-Woodbury NJ- 750 ML bottles
Cramps Liquors-Edgwater Park,NJ-750 ML bottles
Liquor Ranch-Pennsauken, NJ-750 bottles
Buyrite Liquors-Deptford, NJ-750 bottles

The next time you visit one of the stores above, go in and ask for
CA'ISADORA Pinot Grigio.

For under $10.00 a bottle, its a well rounded, fun wine to drink.

If you have ever had a glass or a few of Soave Bolla, and if you remember the taste on your palate,then combine that historical taste bud taste to blending it with a very good Pinot Grigio from Italy.

You cannot go wrong with a light tasting fruity Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio blend. This one of a kind blend is perfect for your wine rack, shelf and for sure on yoru table for family and guests.
Drink Chilled or room temperature, its a MLW for me and with over 6-in store wine tasting, the customers of my liquor store customers are averaging 3-bottles a purchase, each time they come into the respective stores.

Joe Canals-Sicklerville has been so successful that the owner is now stocking Ca'Isadora in the 1.5 L bottle and retailing the wine for $9.99 a bottle 1.5L.

let me know when you try it.

Have a nice day,


Friday, April 1, 2011

Finisterra White Wine From Portugal

Ok! Its time to discuss Finisterra White Wine, but first many of us are familiar with Pinot Grigio's, Chardonnay's, Sauvignon Blancs, but many wines of Portugal are blends, meaning there are more than 1-grape variety used in the production of their wines.

The Finisterra white wine is blended with three grapes,Aragonez(Tempranillo),Castelao,Trincadeira. I am not going to go into detail about the individual grapes because if the wine tastes good, it doesn't matter about the history of the specific grapes, we are ordinary Joe's and Mary's, and all we want is to enjoy a good glass or few of wines.

Finisterra White Wine has fresh fruit flavors balanced with very soft tannins and acidity.

Frank & Ann voted Finis White as AA+
Keith & Renee voted AAA
L'Aura voted AA+
I am not a fan of white wines but you know this wine to me, beat out a Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay any day. I will add Finisterra White to my MLW list, A first for me.

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: HOPS AND GRAPES OF GLASSBORO Who now sells Finisterra Red & White has placed Finisterra on their Website for ONLINE SALES. So here is a "SHOUT-OUT" to Hops & Grapes Liquor Store in Glassboro, NJ Rte 47South side of the Rte 47.

Try Finisterra Red and White today. Let me know what your opinion.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Wines of Portugal, The Tasting! Today Finisterra Red Wine under $8.00 at Joe Canals in Sicklerville.

WOW! Can't believe its March 7th,2011. In my last blog (1/24/2011), I said I would discuss the Wines of Portugal that I represent. Many events occurred between 1/24/11 and this past weekend. I apologize to everyone who follows my blog.

On Friday February 18th. My friends Frank & his girlfriend Ann, Keith and his Wife Renee, My friend L'aura and myself tasted Finisterra Red & Finisterra White.

I uncorked the wines at 3:30 PM for their first tasting at Joe Canals in Sicklerville, where half of each bottle was tasted and more than 1-case of each Finisterra Red & White were sold for under $7.99 a bottle. Over 60 customers tasted both wines on that day.

Well as my friends assembled, Frank brought over Chicken Wings, I made hamburgers on the grill, Keith made spare ribs. We had pepperoni and cheese, Doritos nachos chips, potato chips, green olives, and other snacks.

Each guest was offered a glass of Finisterra Red and White wine along with their foods that they choose to eat while tasting the wines.

Frank went first: I am having a hamburger, with pepper cheese, and Finisterra Red.
"The Wine is easy to drink, light on the tannins, not heavy at all, more like a Merlot..." I rank it a AA+

Ann: I am having a slice of pepperoni pizza and the Finisterra Red. "The wine isn't overwhelming, soft finish, not dry and not sweet, just there, I give it a AA+ too."

Keith: I am having a hamburger, plain, nothing on it, with green olives on the side.
"I am drinking the Finis Red; The wine is medium bodied, not heavy at all, easy to drink, no string alcohol after-tones, maybe a little blackberry, easy finish.
I rank it a AAA for a wine under $10.00."

Renee: I will drink my wine first, then eat. " I am not a fan of Red wines, I prefer white fruity wines, but the Red Finisterra has a taste similar to a Merlot, nice color, nice aroma, for taste, its' light and a little fruity, but not as fruity as a white wine like a Pinot Grigio." I give it a "AA."

L'aura: I am having a spare rib,which is very spicy and loaded with Hot Sauce, I like Red wines. "here it goes, first timer here, I agree with Renee, it does taste similar to a Merlot, it does have a mild taste to it and it goes down easy, a little hits you in the head, after the full glass, I like the mild taste and the softness on the tongue. I would rank it a AA+. and the price is right for a party like this."

Joe (me) Well, i haven't eaten yet. "My Red has a rich fruit taste on the tongue like a blackberry, light in tannins, nice finish,it is easy to drink, it's similar to a California Merlot. For a blend of more than three grapes, its very good at the price level of under $8.00 a bottle., I rank it as a AAA for under $10.00 a bottle."

Now could I be biased because I market the product? I am being objective on this one as with all my wines. I don't believe anyone who is not a wine expert and who just wants a decent bottle of wine, will find out that there are many quality wines for under $10.00.

Every palate is different. No one has the corner on deciding what makes a fine wine. When you walk into the store of your choice, pick a wine for under $10.00, and a wine for under $20.00. One evening with your friends, open both bottles, allow the wines to sit open in the bottle for 15-minutes, then another five minutes once poured into the glasses. Try each wine, make sure not to eat anything, drink a glass of water before you taste each wine, keep your palate clean.

Let me know what you think of the differences in the wines.

My next blog will be our tasting of the Finisterra White.

It will be this week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wines Of Portugal Have Arrived!

Hi All:

The Wines of Portugal have arrived and the Winemaker is Jose Fonseca, the wines from the Alentejo region. Later in the week, I will go into detail about the wines, the grapes and then we will do a tasting. I will be introducing my wines of Portugal to the Liquor stores and Restaurants in Southern NJ. If you know of any store or restaurant owner interested in tasting these wines, send me an email:


Friday, January 14, 2011

Wine Tasting at Mozzarella Grill, Sewel, NJ

If you like to eat really excellent Italian food, check out the Mozzarella Grill off of Greentree Rd, in Sewell,NJ, make sure you check their operating hours. They close at 8:00 PM Monday-Thursday evenings, I am told.

I recently joined a MEET-UP Group Called "South Jersey Wine Lovers" and we had a great time for 2-hours, the restaurant stayed open until 9:00Pm for us. Their were 18-members who showed up and each brought a bottle of wine of their choice.

I placed a Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 called VRLOMBARDI made by Domenico Winery of California on the table and it was finished in minutes. Members stated the wine was a lighter Cabernet, more like a Cabernet/Merlot blend in their opinion, it went great with Mozzarella sticks, Freschetta, macaroni and other foods on our tables.

Each member really enjoyed the wine. Even Pat, who said before she tasted the wine that she didn't like Cabernet Sauvignon. You can find VRLOMBARDI at Roger Wilco-In Deptford by the Home Depot and next to Arby's on Rte 41.

Next week I start to have family and friends over my home to taste new wines coming from my importers and will report our opinions back to you.

VRLOMBARDI can be found at under $10.00, spread the word to your favorite liquor to store to contact Joe at SimBeveage 856-848-7300 office/home to place an order to have me visit them.

And You can have a wine tasting at your home starting at $40.00 per guest(Minimum 10 guests) for details contact me.

If you like Pasta, then you may want me to come over to you home and make you my famous pasta gravy that can also be used on a homemade pizza, for details and costs contact me at: 856-848-7300, I can make all the gravy you require fresh at your home for your family and guests.