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Monday, December 20, 2010

See you at Joe Canals-Sicklerville,NJ

On Wednesday December 22nd, Joe Canals-Sicklerville NJ, on Sicklerville Rd & Jarvis Rd.
Come on in between 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM for a wine tasting of Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio, A Pinot Grigio blended with a 40% Garganega Grape.
What is the Garganega grape?
Good question!
If you have ever had a Soave Bolla white wine, you have had Garganega grapes!
The Garganega is from the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy, the best of the grapes offers a "marzipan flavor."

The Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio is a fine wine for under $10.00 but tastes like a $30.00 wine, from start to finish. If you are and have tasted Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio and you consider yourself a wine "geek or snob" then it wouldn't hurt to try Ca'Isadora at your next meal with family and friends, the wine is also a great gift, and this is one wine, that I include in my wine tasting at your home or business.

I like doing wine tasting. My approach is fun and entertaining. I offer great wines at real reasonable retail prices from local liquor stores in New Jersey as well as quality beers and spirits.

I represent two importers who acquire many brands from around the world. Read past blogs for the liquor stores who purchase from me. My list can grow by asking your neighborhood liquor store to contact me at: 856-848-7300-home/office at any time, if not there, leave a message.

If you would like a wine tasting, or if you are interested in me, making true home made pizza, stromboli's , and my super pepperoni gravy at your home or business, contact me and we can make a wine event into a food and wine event at your location.

I am very hands on and fun.

SimBeverage was created in August and launched in September due to lack of jobs in the marketplace. I have a mortgage to pay, my wife left and divorced me on December 8th. Whatever happened to the lines "For Better or for Worse" in my case it would be temporary "Worse."

I entered the liquor business in an effort to meet my mortgage obligations, I am not there yet. By day, I operate SimBeverage, by night Monday-Wed, and the weekends, I work part-time at Home Depot in Cherry Hill, NJ, where you will find me in the Electrical department, possibly Floor and Wall, Seasonal and on occasion greeting customers at the door.

As you get to know me, You will find me to be intelligent, a really nice man, who works hard and is struggling to get ahead once again, just like you may be struggling, I feel your pain!.

I ask you to please patronize the liquor stores that I serve and suggest to your neighborhood liquor stores to contact me in order to carry your favorite wines, beers and spirits that I discuss here on my blog. Together we will all get out of this government and bank created mess successfully.

Sorry to be so personal here, but I am sad that my marriage ended. Sad that I had to close my small electronics manufacturing business, it was the prudent business decision in order not to take on any debt.

My blog will grow with your support, pass along my blog to your friends and family, co-workers and the globe. Remember I could be cooking in your home, doing a wine tasting at an event for your company. I will do anything necessary to earn enough income to hold onto my home and place it in my name.

My ethics will not allow me to let this home go, after all the effort I put into it.

SimBeverage will be taking on specialty foods in January, and spices, Look for the Simiriglio Spice brands to show up in local Deli's, start talking up Simiriglio Spices to your local retailers, I will put product in their stores on consignment, and if anyone wishes to host a "SPICE NIGHT" we can do that do, along with a little cooking for everyone to try my smoked salt, pepper, jalapeno,Sugar, and other spices.

Let's pull out of this recession together.

If anyone owns a business in trouble and requires a consultant to help organize it and restructure it, I can help, contact me: 856-848-7300.

Thank You, See you Wednesday.

Joe Simiriglio Jr

Friday, December 17, 2010

XTREMO Brand, "Torrontes" the Grape of Argentina!

WOW! I am back already.

Today, I am bringing a wine from Argentina "XTREMO" A WHITE Wine to Canals on the Blackhorse Pike,Mt.Ephraim, NJ for a tasting by their Wine staff.

The Wine is 100% Torrontes Grape. The Torronetes grape is only grown in Argentina.
An Excellent wine for Spicy foods and Seafood.

While this wine is known as a summer wine, it holds up well in the winter by the fireplace with someone warm to caress through the evening.

If you are curious about the wine, go into the store and request XTREMO Torrontes and tell them Joe sent you. The wine should sell for under $10.00 a bottle.

Let me know if try the wine.

Joe S.

Snooth | Find better wines

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Time to Catch Up On wines Under $10.00

I have been very busy since November 22nd, my last post.

I have been busy with Wine Tasting at various liquor stores in Southern NJ.

Here are wines, I believe you will really enjoy and I will list where they can be found for the holidays:

For a very good Sparkling Wine under $10.00
UNDURUGGA DEMI-SEC a sweet sparkling wine along with its brother UNDURUGGA BRUT, a dry sparkling wine can be found at the following Liquor Stores:

These sparkling are alive with small bubbles and plenty of aromas fill the air,
Our tasting rating both sparkling wines as MLW(Major League Wines)

How about two very good French Wines from Signe Vigeron.
Under the Laynarc Label

Merlot: is very easy to drink, The wine offers the palate a clean wet feeling from start to finish, with aroma's of blackberry,some cinnamon spice and a really nice finish of soft tannins. Sold for under $8.00 at:
Customers who tried Laynarc Merlot gave it an "MLW" 120 people passed through Joe Canals for the tasting a couple of weeks ago and the wines nearly sold out.
Joe Canals-Sicklerville recently restocked for the holidays with 5-additional cases.

For a really rich tasting Cabernet Sauvignon, check out Laynarc from Signe Vigeron:
The wine has a deeper feel on the palate than the Merlot, more tannins are present and it was also a hit at tasting at three liquor stores in the past couple of weeks.
Layrance Cab sells for under $8.00 retail

In a previous blog, I spoke about Bulgarian Wine Bloody Bull, In recent In-Store consumer tasting, here are some comments:
"The Label says 'Semi-dry wine', it tastes sweet to me,
Wow! Easy to drink, I'll take a couple of bottles with my pizza tonight."

Here is where you can find Bloody Bull:
LIQUOR MART-BROWNING RD/BELLMAWR, Down the Road from Joe Canals on the Blackhorse Pike.

Do you like Italian Pinot Grigio that is Sweet with tropical tones or like biting into a fresh fruit, then you will like an under $7.00 Pinot Grigio from Italy called
Ca' Isadora. For Pinot Grigio lovers, your mouth will love the liveliness of this Pinot for sure.

I am doing a Wine Tasting at JOE CANALS-Sicklerville on Wednesday December 22nd from 4-7 PM. Come on over and taste the wine. I will also be introducing from Italy a Dessert Wine MOSCATO, from Moscadoro of the Piedmont region of Italy. This Wine will have a retail price of $9.99, and is worth $20.00 per bottle in a Restaurant.

Here is where you can find Ca'Isadora:
BUYRITE LIQUORS-DEPTFORD Tasting went very well, we sold one case in two hours!

Are you looking for WINE GIFT BASKETS, then check out Roger Wilco-Deptford, where the liquor store has ordered from me beautiful gift baskets filled with one bottle of wine, candy, a wine bottle opener and a surprise, You will find gift baskets filed with a line of wine from "Domenico Winery of California called 'The Bliss.'
and retailing for under $18.00 a gift basket.

Roger Wilco-Deptford ordered:
Gift baskets of:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc


For a really nice pair of wines for gifts check out:

A Wine You Will Always Remember
A Wine You will Never Forget
Both labels display a womans face
and the wines are priced under $8.00 at:
Roger Wilco-Deptford
Freddy's Liquor-Cuthbert Blvd, Haddon Twp.


Don't forget your VODKA.
Buy NUDE VODKA, its Gluten Free, Made from Corn.
I have had spirits connasoiuers check NUDE out over the last few weeks and they all enjoy the crisp taste and smooth texture.

I know there are many vodka's out there on the shelves, Remember NUDE VODKA is an AMERICAN MADE CORN VODKA, put the French vodka back on the Shelf, you will find that Nude is cleaner,finer and easier on your palate than Grey Goose, so Goose da Goose and try a NUDE.
NUDE Retailers are:

We may Have Nude Vodka soon at Harrahs, Caesars, Bally's, ShowBoat and others. When you visit the casinos, mention to them you want a NUDE VODKA. When the bar tender asks where they can buy NUDE, have them contact Joe at SimBeverage,Give them our email address:

Remember BE NUDE!


For an excellent Craft Beer, You may want to try Harlem Brewing's "Sugar Hill" Golden Pale Ale.
You can find Sugar Hill, which is made in Harlem, NYC at:

Well I have given you the rundown of where you can find excellent wines for under $10.00 and there is much more to come in 2011.

I will be offering Wine Tasting for your home, business and events at $40.00 per guest at any location.(minimum 10-guests) and all the host needs to do is provide food for his/her guests for an afternoon to evening of fun and wine tasting.

Keep in touch, email me at:

Go Phillies
Go Eagles
Go Sixers
Go Flyers

Monday, November 22, 2010


How about having some fun at your home or at your business.

I am now offering "Wine Tasting Party Events" at your home or business in Southern New Jersey down to the Jersey shore from Wildwood to Cape May and in Philadelphia.

I offer two Wine Tastings:
Wines under $10.00 retail ($40.00 per guest) Minimum 10-guests
Wines over $10.00 but under $20.00 retail.($60.00 per guest) Minimum 10-guests
Available: Monday thru Friday Day
Available:Thursday & Friday Evenings too.
Saturday and Sunday: Need Two/three weeks advance notice for tasting.

I provide six-different wines to taste, from all over the world, their is always a wine from California. Up to 1-bottle of (6-bottles) are opened for tasting/sampling, another set of 6-bottles are opened for the events guests to enjoy, the balance is left to the host to do as they desire.
1-bottle of wine is offered to each guest including the host "Free-unopened"

Host: provides all foods, snacks,etc.
I provide the wine, and fun.
I offer up to three hours of my time, not including set-up time.
Additional at Host location: $25.00 per hour.
A list of liquor stores and restaurants who sell my wines, will be included.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joe Canals of Sicklerville, NJ Has a Super Wine Tasting

On Friday November 12,2010. I was promoted three wines for Joe Canals:

BLOODY BULL BULGARIAN SEMI-DRY RED Selling at Joe Canals for $4.99 a bottle

A Layranc Cabernet Sauvignon selling for $6.49 a bottle
A Layrance Merlot Selling for $6.49 a bottle

Excellent tasting wines and super low retail prices.

We started the Wine Tasting at 3:45 PM and ended a little after 6:00 PM.
Six cases combined of all three wines sold. Their were 120 customers who tasted the wines as I went through 160 plastic cups.

I have been stating in all my blogs Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste really good. You can pair these wines with any foods you choose, even pair with fruits and veggies for a nice relaxing evening.

So Say NO to the WINE SNOB and to enjoying Fine Inexpensive Wines for Under $10.00

On December 3rd: I will be having a Wine Tasting on Bloody Bull and Bear Blood wines from Bulgaria at: BUY-RITE Liquors(Deptford,NJ) located at the Pathmark Shopping Center from 4:00 Pm to 6:00 PM Located just off of Clements Bridge Rd, across from the LOWE's.

Come on out and meet me and enjoy the wines and snacks for a couple of hours, spread the word to your family and friends.

For more information: email me at:


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good Evening to everyone:

Their is an American Made Vodka from American Made Corn by a company called Nude Spirits. Nude Vodka is 100% Gluten Free, Retails at the same or $1.00 more or less than Grey Goose. Nude Vodka has a very nice taste, feel in the mouth and doesn't burn. Perfect Straight Up, on the Rocks, in mixed drinks and is tops when made as a Martini of any flavor or style.

IF you would like to know where to find Nude Vodka, email me at:

If you are a liquor store, Restaurant, Country Club, Night Club or Bar, contact me for an appointment and I will be happy to offer you a sampling/tasting of Nude Vodka.

For connoisseurs of Vodka, you have to try Nude Today, What are you waiting for? ? ?
This American grown and made Vodka will put Grey Goose in 2nd Place.
Do the taste test, find a restaurant that will be interested in tasting Nude v. Grey Goose and contact me:


Bloody Bull Wine Tasting-Joe Canals-Sicklerville Rd, Sicklerville,NJ

Hello Again:


Joe Canals
1725 Sicklerville Rd
Sicklerville, Nj 08081

If you like the article written and would like to reserve a couple of bottles before Joe Canals stock is sold at the wine tasting call them today to hold your wines at:

Stop by and meet me (Joe of SimBeverage) between 4-7 PM, unless the wine is sold out before 7:00 PM. Joe Canal's can always order more from me to serve you.

See you there,


And the "Bloody Bulls" have it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.
Last Thursday night, My friend Joe dropped in again for a taste of "Bloody Bull" Semi-Dry Red wine from the nation of Bulgaria. You may be thinking Wine in Bulgaria???

We sat down to taste the wine. In front of us we decided to microwave a Boston Market Meatloaf and potatoes dinner to enjoy the Bloody Bull.

Bloody Bull is not a heavy wine, its light and easy to drink. The product retails under $8.00 a bottle and you can find at this time at:
Joe Canals in Sicklerville
1725 Sicklerville Rd
Gloucester Twp,NJ
Drew the owner went ahead and purchased a few cases. I will be having a Bloody Bull Wine Tasting along with French Wines from Signe Vigneron (a Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon).
You can find "Bloody Bull" at:
Blackwood Liquors
125 Blackhorse Pike

Ok, now here is what Joe thought about "Bloody Bull"

Joe M: I was surprised by the taste of this wine, I thought it would be "putrid" to tell you the truth,my first glass was very good, it went smooth, to me it had a near sweet taste to it, like a Sangria and a taste of Cherries. It was easy to drink and having a second glass was interesting as I drank my Bloody Bull with my microwave dinner, Bloody Bull had a mellow taste, nothing harsh, and not too dry.

Rating: AAA for a wine from Bulgaria, AA if competing against an Home-grown wine.
I recommend this wine for snacking with chips, pretzels and anything else.

Joe S: As a seller of this wine. I like the label of the Red Bull. I tasted a wine that was refreshing straight up and fun to drink over ice. I went further and mixed the wine 50/50 with ginger ale for a spritzer and it was very good.

I found it easy to drink, I tasted the Sangria like flavors and a taste of sweetness as it reached the back of my tongue. Bloody Bull was easy to drink and with two guys drinking Bloody Bull, it was tempting to open a 2nd or 3rd bottle. The taste is smooth and I agree with Joe M on the rating:
AAA for an Eastern European Wine
AA when compared to a similar American Wine like a Sutter Home Zinfidel.

So jump in you car and drive over to Joe Canals in Sicklerville and to Blackwood Liquors in Blackwood, pick up a couple of bottles and tell them Joe of SimBeverage sent you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Your Nude On!

Get Your Nude On! Oxymore-ron ! ! !

When have you ever tasted an American made vodka that puts the Russians and French to shame, probably Never, until now.

Nude Spirits has developed a 100% Gluten Free Vodka called NUDE.

750 ML bottle. Beautiful logo and priced equally if not more than Grey Goose.

Nude Vodka will literally kill the Goose, and then you can eat that french food that I cannot even spell with it.

Scroll down and view the list of Liquor stores who are stocking NUDE VODKA.

Nude vodka is made from USA grown Corn and produced in the Great State of Oregon.

All I ask is that you purchase a bottle today. Don't look for the crazy fad flavors from NUDE. You will see and taste True American made Vodka from Nude Spirits.

Let me know your opinion. contact me.

Have a Nice Day.

Coming Next my review of "Bloody Bull" A semi-dry wine from BULGARIA and where to find it.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Need Your Help

Hello Everyone:

On August 4th,2010, I established SimBeverage in an effort to earn enough income to pay my mortgage and more. Below are the establishments who have purchased products from the importers that I represent. You can help me pay my mortgage by going to these liquor stores and purchasing your wines, beers and spirits.

Liquor Mart
334 E. Browning Rd
Bellmawr, NJ
Sugar Hill Beer & Nude Vodka

Liquor Ranch
4950 Marlton Pike
Pennsauken, NJ 856-662-4448
HomeTown Beer PA Lager & Nude Vodka

Roger Wilco-Deptford,NJ
Rte 41 & 1343 Hurfville Rd, Deptford, NJ
Sugar Hill Beer
HomeTown Brewery (PA LAGER)
A Wine You Will Always Remember
A Wine You Will Never Forget
Underrugga CHILE:
Sparkling Brut
Sparkling Demi-Sec
Cabernet/Merlot Reserva
Chardonnay Reserva

237 N.Broadway
Gloucester City, NJ
Spirytus Vodka -192 Proof Polish Vodka
Baltika Beer in cans-The #1 Beer in Russia

Freddy's Liquors
570 Cuthbert Blvd & MacArthur Blvd
Haddon Twp, NJ
A Wine You Will Never Forget
A Wine You Will Always Remember
Sugar Hill Beer

Jack's Liquors
Sugar Hill Beer
Nude Vodka
Russian Shot Vodka Made in the Ukraine

MONSTER Beverage
1299 N.Delsea Drive
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Jewel of Russia "ULTRA" The Finest Russian Vodka made from Rye & Wheat
Sparkling Brut
Cabernet Merlot Reserva
Cabernet Syrah Reserva
Cabernet Carmenere Reserva

1361 Delsea Drive
Deptford, NJ 08096

ULTRA-Jewel of Russia the finest Russian Vodka and top #5 in the World (in stock)

Jewel Of Russia Classic Pack-Place your order for this gem of a vodka, currently on allocation and available in November.


You can all help me by purchasing the wines,beers and spirits above. By doing so, the liquor stores will re-order, and the commissions I earn will allow me to meet my mortgage payment each month.

Please let me know when you purchase from any of the stores above.

Thank You,


Monday, October 25, 2010

VR LOMBARDI Cabenet Sauvignon 2008 California

The other evening my long time friend Joe Mederios and I sat down to watch the Phillies game over Cheese Steaks, pepperoni, provolone cheese, potato chips and of course VR LOMBARDI Cabernet Sauvignon. Cost Under $10.00, currently sold at: Roger Wilco-Deptford, NJ.

Well when Joe came over he brought over two steaks from Jim Steaks of South Street Fame in South Philly, I provided everything else and one bottle of VR LOMBARDI.

Here is what Joe M. had to say about VR LOMBARDI:
I am not an expert, far from it. I like my Red wines, Merlot's Cabs, and of course Chianti's and Ports, being 50-50 Portugese-Italian.
I rate VR LOMBARDI as AAA for a wine under $10.00.
Here is why: It had a Rustic taste, it felt good going down, not harsh, not bitter, but smooth, not burning. It had an aroma of Black Cherries, and I would say it was medium-bodied. A women would also enjoy this Red Wine or Cabernet Sauvignon.

My opinion is in total agreement with Joe M. Here I picked up berries, medium dryness on the tongue, not harsh, not sweet and not dry. You can feel the tannins as your swallowed and swirled the wine in your mouth. The wine also had an earthy flavor, fresh and easy to drink along with a Philly Cheese Steak with Raw Onions.

So take it from Joe M and myself, pick up a bottle of VR LOMBARDI at Roger Wilco-Deptford, near the Home Depot and next to Arby's on Rte 41.

If you don't see it on the shelf,simply ask one of the friendly sales people for assistance.
Contact me at any time:
let me know your opinion.
Have a wine you would like me to try, send me an email and we can try the wine(s) together at your place or mine.

Till then,

Great Year to the Phillies!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have you ever tasted Pineau des Charentes(Cognac-Wine), How about a Pini Tini?

Pineau des Charentes (Cognac Wine) is a Young Red aged(4-years) wine made from 1/4 cognac, 3/4 wine. The Grape variety is Ugni-Blanc, The Wine: Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon.

This unique wine is served cold and makes a wonderful "aperitif and is an excellent addition/ingredient for many foods and cocktails. The Shelf Talker(the little post card you see in a liquor store describing the liquor product states)"Great with Blue Cheese." I personally love Blue Cheese., Chocolate,berries(all types) and desserts.

Grab your babe and offer her Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Pini on the Rocks, I guarantee you will both have many evenings of warmth, a super cognac-wine to cuddle too.
Here are a couple of cocktails:

Pini on the Rocks:
Fill a champagne flute with cracked ice and pour in your Delpech & Fougerat(brand name), Pineau des Chartentes, Your companion will be all over you minutes later,after he/she indulges in the drink, the chocolate covered strawberries and the clothes will fly off moments later, Yes, Baby,Yes! ! !

Cupid's Pini Tini
1 oz Vodka ( I recommend NUDE VODKA by NUDE SPIRITS(Oregon Corn Vodka,100% Gluten free), NATSIONALNAYA CLASSIC VODKA(Russian Wheat Vodka), 2 oz Pineau des Charentes (white, Splash of Ginger, Fill with Orange Juice, Fill shaker with ice then add ingredients,serve in a cocktail glass.
Ladies and Gents, make this drink fresh in front of your other half, he/she will think you are a cocktail genius.

The Pini Tini:
2 oz Pineau des Charentes (red)
1 oz Gin / You can substitute with vodka
Stir ingredients together in a mixing glass with ice.Strain into a "chilled" cocktail glass, garnish with a flamed orange peel(don't burn yourself) and serve. Serve in a cocktail glass, Drink slowly, feel the pleasure as it reaches the back of your mouth, let the tongue feel the drink, Enjoy! the pleasures of each other.
Don't forget the munchies too!

My next blog, I will discuss the DELPECH & FOUGERAT "WHITE" Pineau Des Charentes.

Where to find: Pineau Des Charentes.

Today, I Will begin spreading the word about this wonderful Cognac-Wine.
I have tasted both cognac-wines straight-Up, On the Rocks, and as a Pini Tini, and a Cupid's Pini Tini.

After you read this blog, go out to your favorite Liquor Store, Restaurant, Country Club, Night Club and ask them to contact me to stock The Pineau. Tell them you would like the Pineau in their location. Let them know that I will personally be available to do a tasting of both the White and Red Cognac-Wine.

Contact me at:
Retailers can contact me at: 856-848-7300-office number or leave a message.
The best is yet to come on my blog.

If you know of any wines under $10.00 retail and you would like them reviewed here by me and any who enjoy wines under $10.00 then email or contact me directly.

Have a nice day and Go Phillies.
How about Halladay! last night.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Where you can find: "A Wine You Will Never Forget & A Wine You Will Always Remember"

Today, I am home with a cold, possibly the flu. I can't taste anything today.

Here is where you can find the Domenico Winery Wines in New Jersey:

"A Wine You Will Always Remember" Chardonnay
"A Wine You Will Never Forget" Cabernet Sauvignon

Both wines are in 750 ML bottles and are sold for under $10.00 at these fine retailers:

Roger Wilco-Deptford,NJ
1343 Hurfville Rd & Rte 41
Deptford, NJ 08096

Freddy's Liquors
570 W.Cuthbert Blvd & MacArthur Blvd
Haddon Township, NJ

When you venture into either Liquor Store look for: Sugar Hill Beer, a Craft Beer from Harlem Brewing in New York City. Sugar Hill Beer is a crisp enjoyable Golden Pale Ale, I know you will enjoy the flavor of the beer. The product is easy to drink and their is no aftertaste. Once you try it, you will be back for more. Let me know what your opinion of the Micro-Brew Beer "Sugar Hill"Also mention where you heard about the wines and the beer to the owners of both liquor stores.

Go to You-Tube and view the video of Sugar Hill Beer.

Have a super day. Go Phillies


Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Chardonnay, Ma!

Yes, Last week on Wednesday evening, My sister-in-law Michelle and I shared a Chardonnay made by Domenico Winery of California.The name of the wine: "A Wine You Will Always Remember." I arrived at my Michelle's and my brothers home around 6:00 PM, Robert was at work.

We popped the cork and started tasting the wine.I hadn't eaten dinner yet,so there were no strange foods to effect my taste buds. "A Wine You Will Always Remember" sells for under $10.00 at Roger Wilco in Deptford,NJ and now it has appeared at Freddy's Liquor store in 57- W. Cuthbert Blvd in Haddon Heights,NJ.

No swirling here, I simply took a sip and allowed the wine to slowly reach the back of my mouth, the taste was smooth in the mouth, I tasted Pineapple and even a taste of "honey" as the wine concentrated down into my taste-buds. As I swallowed it was mellow,no harsh tastes or any burning. The Chardonnay was chilled for a day before it was uncorked, and the ride to my brothers home was only 10-minutes.

The Color is similar to a green grape, it has a small tangy taste intially as it enters your mouth, then soothing as you swallow it, with an inviting alert to the brain for more, more, more,! And you will like it.

Now it's Michele's turn: "Smoooooth, tasty, not overwhelming, not your ordinary Chardonnay, better tasting than a Pinot Grigio, and I like Pinot Grigio's, The wine has a nice feel in the mouth, its not dry and its not sweet,to me its a little intense as it enter the mouth and then its smooth with a slight warmth as it travels down my throat, when it hits my chest, its warm. I would drink this wine in the fall and through the winter. I love white wines, I am adding "A Wine You Will Always Remember" to my list of favorites. I do taste a little pear, peach and other fruits in the wine as I swish and play wine expert for a minute, I really like it, I recommend it be labeled an MLW for Major League Wine.

Well there you have it, Michelle has rated "A Wine You will Always Remember" an MLW.

I rate the wine as a AAA- Very Good, I am not a White Wine drinker, I prefer Reds, but being objective about the wine, I would agree with Michele and purchase this Chardonnay over a Pinot Grigio when it comes down to making a White Wine decision.

Over the next few weeks we will be trying Pinot Grigio's and other white and red wines, we will try semi-sweet table wines from around the world and from Eastern Europe.

From time to time, We will try Vodkas, Rums, Cognacs, Beers, and much more.

So Stay with us, contribute to our blog and if you are a winery, send me your wines for a Regular guy, and regular people tasting. We are not experts, we are having fun and being objective.

Even though I may sell these wines, everyone's personal taste to the tongue is different. I request that you try the wines each week and visit the liquor stores and eventually the Restaurants,night clubs and bars who will be selling our products, and let me know and all the readers know what you think of the wines presented.

Go Phillies


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FIrst Wine Tasting & Stuffed Shells Too!

Good Morning to everyone. Today is September 21,2010

On Thursday evening September 16th, I invited my Brother Robert, his wife Michelle to dinner. I served my famous homemade Pepperoni Gravy,along with Suffed Shells from
P & S ravioli Company, Meatballs, and the pepperoni (Margarita) used in the cooking of my gravy for the shells.

Our Wine: A Wine You Will Never Forget, A 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, California produced by Domenico Wines ( My rating system is not numbered, we use letters.
Here are the rules: We Don't swirl and stick our noses in the glasses, We move the glass across our nose gently, then take a sip, swallow it all the way down and take another hardy taste moments later. (No Spitting allowed) their is food on the table and my almost 1-year-old nephew sitting with us, eating and tossing his food on the floor having fun and laughing while we eat and drink.

The Rating System:
MLW= Major League Wine: Defined as WOW! this stuff is excellent
AAA= Good, equals a wine over $10.00
AA=Average,about what is expected of an under $10.00 wine
A=Poor,My god, Pour the stuff down the sink

Michelle isn't a Red Wine drinker, she prefers White Wines, but she gave it a taste and consumed an entire glass (good sport that she is).
Michelle's Reaction: "I like it, I don't drink Red Wine, I would buy the wine for a party and family event, its good, I would rate it a "AA" since I don't drink Red Wines too often."

Robert: It's real good, has a nice feel and taste to it, not to dry, not sweet, perfect with pasta, I really like the wine and would buy it and mention it to friends. It's not heavy and in my opinion has a taste more like a table Chianti or Dago Red. I rate the wine at "AAA"

So far we have been eating our shells, getting to the meat balls and pepperoni, and the baby has decorated the floor with bread crumbs and bits of meatballs, and laughing all the way.

OK, Here it is this my opinion, I agree with my brother, the wine is very tasty, not dry, not sweet, the aroma is similar to a table Chianti, the flavors on my "tongue" are a light coffee, a tannin, with a nice feel (smooth) as the wine hits the back of the mouth and tongue. The Wine is easy to drink and very easy to open a second bottle. The Wine is smooth, nothing harsh, and a great value under $10.00 for anyone on and not on a budget. "MY RATING IS "AAA" I like red wines, my favorite wines are Chianti's, the Sangiovese grape. I like a hearty table wine.
"A WINE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET is perfect with a chunk of provolone cheese and cut fresh pepperoni and an Italian loaf of bread, I sat down on Sunday evening and had the wine accompany my small feast and later fell asleep on my couch. I recommend that you travel over to Roger Wilco in Deptford and try a bottle or two, then email me: or write your own opinion to my blog, I would really appreciate your input and become a part of my tasting crowd.

Now: the question is Where can you find "A Wine You Will Never Forget" The first Liquor Store to carry the wine is Roger Wilco in Deptford at 1343 Hurfville Rd and Rte 41, the store is near Home Depot, and next too Arby's on Rte 41, in Deptford.

Roger Wilco opens at 9:30 AM.

The New Buy-Rite Store will be having a wine tasting of "A Wine You Will Never Forget" I will post the date on my blog. Included in the tasting will be a new vodka you can sample called "NUDE VODKA" Both products will be available for immediate purchase. I will be there and look forward to meeting all of you. So Stay tuned for more Wine Tasting and events.

This Thursday I will Review a White Chardonnay by Domenico Wines, also being sold and is available at: Roger Wilco in Deptford called "A Wine You Will Always Remember."

Any questions please email me at:

Do you know anyone who owns a liquor store, restraunt, bar, night club, catering hall, etc in New Jersey, I am available to meet with them and discuss all three importers that I represent.

Have a super day
Go Phillies!

Joe Simiriglio Jr
t/a SimBeverage
856-848-7300-home office

Thursday, September 9, 2010


WINE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE GOOD: A Wine you will Never Forget: "Over the weekend I will be tasting a wine titled: 'A Wine you will Never Forget. The wine is a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon from California. Prod..."

A Wine you will Never Forget

Over the weekend I will be tasting a wine titled:
"A Wine you will Never Forget. The wine is a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon from California.
Produced and Bottled by Domenico Wines of San Carlos, CA.
Their Website

The Back label states the wine: "Never Forget"...has a rich and appealing style, it's full bodied...deep garnet color and an aroma of Blackberries,vanilla,& fresh violets with a peppery spice finish...Enjoy with hearty pastas,veal, lamb and steak.

This upcoming weekend I and a couple of friends will do a guy/girl tasting of the wine and report to everyone next week. On Monday I intend to begin the selling the wine into liquor stores, restraunts, night clubs, sports bars, etc.

I will let everyone in on our tasting. The retail price for this wine can go from:
$7.99 to $9.99 based on the case quantity purchased by the customers in Southern New Jersey, where I am able to sell the wines I represent.

If you are a winery and you would like my gangs opinion of your product, please contact me at Your wine must retail for under $10.00 a bottle and be available for sales in the State of New Jersey.

So Come back next week for the wine tasting result and I will include where you can find Domenico's wines when I begin sales of this wine on Monday morning.

Go Phillies!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Closer to Wines under $10.00

Today is September 2,2010. In the days following Labor Day, I will begin to you my opinions of wines under $10.00 and where to find these wonderful wines in New Jersey.

I am going to seek out online wine sellers and discuss with them the potential of stocking the wines that I write about and hopefully if you live outside of New Jersey you will have the availability of purchasing and tasting the wines in my articles each week.

I will make a available a list of New Jersey Liquor stores stocking the wines weekly.

So I am almost ready to launch Wines under $10.00 Reviews. I look forward to your opinions. Many of these wines will not have any wine magazine or Parker rating, instead they will have Joe Rating, which I will discuss in my next blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Closer to Wine Reviews under $10.00

Today is August 30,2010

I am looking forward to discussing wines under $10.00 from around the globe by the end of this week. I am planning to offer a YOUTUBE channel to visually view and hear my opinion and that of guests in our low key, fun wine tasting weekly events. So stay tuned and spread the word.

To reach me: Email:

Should you own a liquor store, restaurant, night club in New Jersey and you are interested in my products, send me an email with your phone number,name and business address and I will contact you and offer you a tasting of all the wines,beers and spirits that I represent.


Monday, August 16, 2010

SimBeverage Is Born Out of Necessity! ! !

On August 3rd, 2010. Joe Simiriglio Jr Beverage Sales was born. I have been unable to become employed full time with all my 33 years business experience. I interview with HR people who are half my age, I am 52 years old. They hire their peers in their age group and companies seem uninterested in experienced,talented individuals because they feel my salary will have to be above $85K a year. I am worth $85K plus, but all I need is enough to pay my mortgage, monthly expenses and enough money to put aside for retirement.

Joe Simiriglio Jr Beverage Sales t/a SimBeverage will sell Wine, Beer, Spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages in the Philadelphia, Eastern PA and Southern New Jersey area,and along the Southern NJ shore to Cape May City with all there B & B's.

Here my thought it to share my wine adventures and product tasting with each of you out there. I will also offer my opinion on Beers, Spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

What you do with my opinion is up to you. Each week, I will present new products, make your comments positive or negative, but do it in a fun, respectful manner.

I am not a WINE,BEER,SPIRITS SNOB. I am a regular guy with an opinion who is trying to make a new living in the beverage world. I am also attempting to save a marriage, but my chances according to my wife is 1%.

So onto the wine and other beverage tasting we go, the next blog will be the first week of September.


WINE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE GOOD: Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste good

WINE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE GOOD: Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste good: "Hello to everyone: Many of us love to drink wine. On August 3rd Out of desperation to keep myself busy from not having a full time 'Day Jo..."

Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste good

Hello to everyone:

Many of us love to drink wine. On August 3rd Out of desperation to keep myself busy from not having a full time "Day Job" as I am currently employed part-time at a local Home Depot, and "I truly appreciate the part-time employment." The job allows me to pay all my bills except my Mortgage, My wife is currently making the payments, even though we are separated and she has filed for divorce, I still don't know the reason for her actions.

I am an Entrepreneur, to my regret I had to close my small custom manufacturing electronics products factory at the end of 2008. The responsibility of surviving through 2009 was handed to my wife, who I still Love very much,(her name is Jean).

We got through the year very well, we both lost weight because we altered our eating habits due to the lack of dining out in 2009, we cooked more and healthier foods at home and we optioned for less expensive wine,spirits and even beer.

Here is where my Blog idea began to swirl in my head. So today August 16th, my blog:

While my small part-time budget pays the bills, it allows me to indulge in wines under $10.00 that are very good. My blogs will begin describing those wines weekly along with photographs of the wine labels. I am not a wine geek. You will read about wines in my own normal opinion, from taste,aroma, etc.

So look out World, here comes A Regular guys wine tasting opinion. Prices will be posted and then you can contact me where you can find the wines.

This is POST #1