Monday, August 16, 2010

SimBeverage Is Born Out of Necessity! ! !

On August 3rd, 2010. Joe Simiriglio Jr Beverage Sales was born. I have been unable to become employed full time with all my 33 years business experience. I interview with HR people who are half my age, I am 52 years old. They hire their peers in their age group and companies seem uninterested in experienced,talented individuals because they feel my salary will have to be above $85K a year. I am worth $85K plus, but all I need is enough to pay my mortgage, monthly expenses and enough money to put aside for retirement.

Joe Simiriglio Jr Beverage Sales t/a SimBeverage will sell Wine, Beer, Spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages in the Philadelphia, Eastern PA and Southern New Jersey area,and along the Southern NJ shore to Cape May City with all there B & B's.

Here my thought it to share my wine adventures and product tasting with each of you out there. I will also offer my opinion on Beers, Spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

What you do with my opinion is up to you. Each week, I will present new products, make your comments positive or negative, but do it in a fun, respectful manner.

I am not a WINE,BEER,SPIRITS SNOB. I am a regular guy with an opinion who is trying to make a new living in the beverage world. I am also attempting to save a marriage, but my chances according to my wife is 1%.

So onto the wine and other beverage tasting we go, the next blog will be the first week of September.


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