Monday, August 16, 2010

Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste good

Hello to everyone:

Many of us love to drink wine. On August 3rd Out of desperation to keep myself busy from not having a full time "Day Job" as I am currently employed part-time at a local Home Depot, and "I truly appreciate the part-time employment." The job allows me to pay all my bills except my Mortgage, My wife is currently making the payments, even though we are separated and she has filed for divorce, I still don't know the reason for her actions.

I am an Entrepreneur, to my regret I had to close my small custom manufacturing electronics products factory at the end of 2008. The responsibility of surviving through 2009 was handed to my wife, who I still Love very much,(her name is Jean).

We got through the year very well, we both lost weight because we altered our eating habits due to the lack of dining out in 2009, we cooked more and healthier foods at home and we optioned for less expensive wine,spirits and even beer.

Here is where my Blog idea began to swirl in my head. So today August 16th, my blog:

While my small part-time budget pays the bills, it allows me to indulge in wines under $10.00 that are very good. My blogs will begin describing those wines weekly along with photographs of the wine labels. I am not a wine geek. You will read about wines in my own normal opinion, from taste,aroma, etc.

So look out World, here comes A Regular guys wine tasting opinion. Prices will be posted and then you can contact me where you can find the wines.

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