Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Chardonnay, Ma!

Yes, Last week on Wednesday evening, My sister-in-law Michelle and I shared a Chardonnay made by Domenico Winery of California.The name of the wine: "A Wine You Will Always Remember." I arrived at my Michelle's and my brothers home around 6:00 PM, Robert was at work.

We popped the cork and started tasting the wine.I hadn't eaten dinner yet,so there were no strange foods to effect my taste buds. "A Wine You Will Always Remember" sells for under $10.00 at Roger Wilco in Deptford,NJ and now it has appeared at Freddy's Liquor store in 57- W. Cuthbert Blvd in Haddon Heights,NJ.

No swirling here, I simply took a sip and allowed the wine to slowly reach the back of my mouth, the taste was smooth in the mouth, I tasted Pineapple and even a taste of "honey" as the wine concentrated down into my taste-buds. As I swallowed it was mellow,no harsh tastes or any burning. The Chardonnay was chilled for a day before it was uncorked, and the ride to my brothers home was only 10-minutes.

The Color is similar to a green grape, it has a small tangy taste intially as it enters your mouth, then soothing as you swallow it, with an inviting alert to the brain for more, more, more,! And you will like it.

Now it's Michele's turn: "Smoooooth, tasty, not overwhelming, not your ordinary Chardonnay, better tasting than a Pinot Grigio, and I like Pinot Grigio's, The wine has a nice feel in the mouth, its not dry and its not sweet,to me its a little intense as it enter the mouth and then its smooth with a slight warmth as it travels down my throat, when it hits my chest, its warm. I would drink this wine in the fall and through the winter. I love white wines, I am adding "A Wine You Will Always Remember" to my list of favorites. I do taste a little pear, peach and other fruits in the wine as I swish and play wine expert for a minute, I really like it, I recommend it be labeled an MLW for Major League Wine.

Well there you have it, Michelle has rated "A Wine You will Always Remember" an MLW.

I rate the wine as a AAA- Very Good, I am not a White Wine drinker, I prefer Reds, but being objective about the wine, I would agree with Michele and purchase this Chardonnay over a Pinot Grigio when it comes down to making a White Wine decision.

Over the next few weeks we will be trying Pinot Grigio's and other white and red wines, we will try semi-sweet table wines from around the world and from Eastern Europe.

From time to time, We will try Vodkas, Rums, Cognacs, Beers, and much more.

So Stay with us, contribute to our blog and if you are a winery, send me your wines for a Regular guy, and regular people tasting. We are not experts, we are having fun and being objective.

Even though I may sell these wines, everyone's personal taste to the tongue is different. I request that you try the wines each week and visit the liquor stores and eventually the Restaurants,night clubs and bars who will be selling our products, and let me know and all the readers know what you think of the wines presented.

Go Phillies


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