Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have you ever tasted Pineau des Charentes(Cognac-Wine), How about a Pini Tini?

Pineau des Charentes (Cognac Wine) is a Young Red aged(4-years) wine made from 1/4 cognac, 3/4 wine. The Grape variety is Ugni-Blanc, The Wine: Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon.

This unique wine is served cold and makes a wonderful "aperitif and is an excellent addition/ingredient for many foods and cocktails. The Shelf Talker(the little post card you see in a liquor store describing the liquor product states)"Great with Blue Cheese." I personally love Blue Cheese., Chocolate,berries(all types) and desserts.

Grab your babe and offer her Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Pini on the Rocks, I guarantee you will both have many evenings of warmth, a super cognac-wine to cuddle too.
Here are a couple of cocktails:

Pini on the Rocks:
Fill a champagne flute with cracked ice and pour in your Delpech & Fougerat(brand name), Pineau des Chartentes, Your companion will be all over you minutes later,after he/she indulges in the drink, the chocolate covered strawberries and the clothes will fly off moments later, Yes, Baby,Yes! ! !

Cupid's Pini Tini
1 oz Vodka ( I recommend NUDE VODKA by NUDE SPIRITS(Oregon Corn Vodka,100% Gluten free), NATSIONALNAYA CLASSIC VODKA(Russian Wheat Vodka), 2 oz Pineau des Charentes (white, Splash of Ginger, Fill with Orange Juice, Fill shaker with ice then add ingredients,serve in a cocktail glass.
Ladies and Gents, make this drink fresh in front of your other half, he/she will think you are a cocktail genius.

The Pini Tini:
2 oz Pineau des Charentes (red)
1 oz Gin / You can substitute with vodka
Stir ingredients together in a mixing glass with ice.Strain into a "chilled" cocktail glass, garnish with a flamed orange peel(don't burn yourself) and serve. Serve in a cocktail glass, Drink slowly, feel the pleasure as it reaches the back of your mouth, let the tongue feel the drink, Enjoy! the pleasures of each other.
Don't forget the munchies too!

My next blog, I will discuss the DELPECH & FOUGERAT "WHITE" Pineau Des Charentes.

Where to find: Pineau Des Charentes.

Today, I Will begin spreading the word about this wonderful Cognac-Wine.
I have tasted both cognac-wines straight-Up, On the Rocks, and as a Pini Tini, and a Cupid's Pini Tini.

After you read this blog, go out to your favorite Liquor Store, Restaurant, Country Club, Night Club and ask them to contact me to stock The Pineau. Tell them you would like the Pineau in their location. Let them know that I will personally be available to do a tasting of both the White and Red Cognac-Wine.

Contact me at:
Retailers can contact me at: 856-848-7300-office number or leave a message.
The best is yet to come on my blog.

If you know of any wines under $10.00 retail and you would like them reviewed here by me and any who enjoy wines under $10.00 then email or contact me directly.

Have a nice day and Go Phillies.
How about Halladay! last night.

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