Monday, November 22, 2010


How about having some fun at your home or at your business.

I am now offering "Wine Tasting Party Events" at your home or business in Southern New Jersey down to the Jersey shore from Wildwood to Cape May and in Philadelphia.

I offer two Wine Tastings:
Wines under $10.00 retail ($40.00 per guest) Minimum 10-guests
Wines over $10.00 but under $20.00 retail.($60.00 per guest) Minimum 10-guests
Available: Monday thru Friday Day
Available:Thursday & Friday Evenings too.
Saturday and Sunday: Need Two/three weeks advance notice for tasting.

I provide six-different wines to taste, from all over the world, their is always a wine from California. Up to 1-bottle of (6-bottles) are opened for tasting/sampling, another set of 6-bottles are opened for the events guests to enjoy, the balance is left to the host to do as they desire.
1-bottle of wine is offered to each guest including the host "Free-unopened"

Host: provides all foods, snacks,etc.
I provide the wine, and fun.
I offer up to three hours of my time, not including set-up time.
Additional at Host location: $25.00 per hour.
A list of liquor stores and restaurants who sell my wines, will be included.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joe Canals of Sicklerville, NJ Has a Super Wine Tasting

On Friday November 12,2010. I was promoted three wines for Joe Canals:

BLOODY BULL BULGARIAN SEMI-DRY RED Selling at Joe Canals for $4.99 a bottle

A Layranc Cabernet Sauvignon selling for $6.49 a bottle
A Layrance Merlot Selling for $6.49 a bottle

Excellent tasting wines and super low retail prices.

We started the Wine Tasting at 3:45 PM and ended a little after 6:00 PM.
Six cases combined of all three wines sold. Their were 120 customers who tasted the wines as I went through 160 plastic cups.

I have been stating in all my blogs Wine doesn't have to be expensive to taste really good. You can pair these wines with any foods you choose, even pair with fruits and veggies for a nice relaxing evening.

So Say NO to the WINE SNOB and to enjoying Fine Inexpensive Wines for Under $10.00

On December 3rd: I will be having a Wine Tasting on Bloody Bull and Bear Blood wines from Bulgaria at: BUY-RITE Liquors(Deptford,NJ) located at the Pathmark Shopping Center from 4:00 Pm to 6:00 PM Located just off of Clements Bridge Rd, across from the LOWE's.

Come on out and meet me and enjoy the wines and snacks for a couple of hours, spread the word to your family and friends.

For more information: email me at:


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good Evening to everyone:

Their is an American Made Vodka from American Made Corn by a company called Nude Spirits. Nude Vodka is 100% Gluten Free, Retails at the same or $1.00 more or less than Grey Goose. Nude Vodka has a very nice taste, feel in the mouth and doesn't burn. Perfect Straight Up, on the Rocks, in mixed drinks and is tops when made as a Martini of any flavor or style.

IF you would like to know where to find Nude Vodka, email me at:

If you are a liquor store, Restaurant, Country Club, Night Club or Bar, contact me for an appointment and I will be happy to offer you a sampling/tasting of Nude Vodka.

For connoisseurs of Vodka, you have to try Nude Today, What are you waiting for? ? ?
This American grown and made Vodka will put Grey Goose in 2nd Place.
Do the taste test, find a restaurant that will be interested in tasting Nude v. Grey Goose and contact me:


Bloody Bull Wine Tasting-Joe Canals-Sicklerville Rd, Sicklerville,NJ

Hello Again:


Joe Canals
1725 Sicklerville Rd
Sicklerville, Nj 08081

If you like the article written and would like to reserve a couple of bottles before Joe Canals stock is sold at the wine tasting call them today to hold your wines at:

Stop by and meet me (Joe of SimBeverage) between 4-7 PM, unless the wine is sold out before 7:00 PM. Joe Canal's can always order more from me to serve you.

See you there,


And the "Bloody Bulls" have it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.
Last Thursday night, My friend Joe dropped in again for a taste of "Bloody Bull" Semi-Dry Red wine from the nation of Bulgaria. You may be thinking Wine in Bulgaria???

We sat down to taste the wine. In front of us we decided to microwave a Boston Market Meatloaf and potatoes dinner to enjoy the Bloody Bull.

Bloody Bull is not a heavy wine, its light and easy to drink. The product retails under $8.00 a bottle and you can find at this time at:
Joe Canals in Sicklerville
1725 Sicklerville Rd
Gloucester Twp,NJ
Drew the owner went ahead and purchased a few cases. I will be having a Bloody Bull Wine Tasting along with French Wines from Signe Vigneron (a Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon).
You can find "Bloody Bull" at:
Blackwood Liquors
125 Blackhorse Pike

Ok, now here is what Joe thought about "Bloody Bull"

Joe M: I was surprised by the taste of this wine, I thought it would be "putrid" to tell you the truth,my first glass was very good, it went smooth, to me it had a near sweet taste to it, like a Sangria and a taste of Cherries. It was easy to drink and having a second glass was interesting as I drank my Bloody Bull with my microwave dinner, Bloody Bull had a mellow taste, nothing harsh, and not too dry.

Rating: AAA for a wine from Bulgaria, AA if competing against an Home-grown wine.
I recommend this wine for snacking with chips, pretzels and anything else.

Joe S: As a seller of this wine. I like the label of the Red Bull. I tasted a wine that was refreshing straight up and fun to drink over ice. I went further and mixed the wine 50/50 with ginger ale for a spritzer and it was very good.

I found it easy to drink, I tasted the Sangria like flavors and a taste of sweetness as it reached the back of my tongue. Bloody Bull was easy to drink and with two guys drinking Bloody Bull, it was tempting to open a 2nd or 3rd bottle. The taste is smooth and I agree with Joe M on the rating:
AAA for an Eastern European Wine
AA when compared to a similar American Wine like a Sutter Home Zinfidel.

So jump in you car and drive over to Joe Canals in Sicklerville and to Blackwood Liquors in Blackwood, pick up a couple of bottles and tell them Joe of SimBeverage sent you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Your Nude On!

Get Your Nude On! Oxymore-ron ! ! !

When have you ever tasted an American made vodka that puts the Russians and French to shame, probably Never, until now.

Nude Spirits has developed a 100% Gluten Free Vodka called NUDE.

750 ML bottle. Beautiful logo and priced equally if not more than Grey Goose.

Nude Vodka will literally kill the Goose, and then you can eat that french food that I cannot even spell with it.

Scroll down and view the list of Liquor stores who are stocking NUDE VODKA.

Nude vodka is made from USA grown Corn and produced in the Great State of Oregon.

All I ask is that you purchase a bottle today. Don't look for the crazy fad flavors from NUDE. You will see and taste True American made Vodka from Nude Spirits.

Let me know your opinion. contact me.

Have a Nice Day.

Coming Next my review of "Bloody Bull" A semi-dry wine from BULGARIA and where to find it.