Thursday, November 11, 2010

And the "Bloody Bulls" have it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.
Last Thursday night, My friend Joe dropped in again for a taste of "Bloody Bull" Semi-Dry Red wine from the nation of Bulgaria. You may be thinking Wine in Bulgaria???

We sat down to taste the wine. In front of us we decided to microwave a Boston Market Meatloaf and potatoes dinner to enjoy the Bloody Bull.

Bloody Bull is not a heavy wine, its light and easy to drink. The product retails under $8.00 a bottle and you can find at this time at:
Joe Canals in Sicklerville
1725 Sicklerville Rd
Gloucester Twp,NJ
Drew the owner went ahead and purchased a few cases. I will be having a Bloody Bull Wine Tasting along with French Wines from Signe Vigneron (a Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon).
You can find "Bloody Bull" at:
Blackwood Liquors
125 Blackhorse Pike

Ok, now here is what Joe thought about "Bloody Bull"

Joe M: I was surprised by the taste of this wine, I thought it would be "putrid" to tell you the truth,my first glass was very good, it went smooth, to me it had a near sweet taste to it, like a Sangria and a taste of Cherries. It was easy to drink and having a second glass was interesting as I drank my Bloody Bull with my microwave dinner, Bloody Bull had a mellow taste, nothing harsh, and not too dry.

Rating: AAA for a wine from Bulgaria, AA if competing against an Home-grown wine.
I recommend this wine for snacking with chips, pretzels and anything else.

Joe S: As a seller of this wine. I like the label of the Red Bull. I tasted a wine that was refreshing straight up and fun to drink over ice. I went further and mixed the wine 50/50 with ginger ale for a spritzer and it was very good.

I found it easy to drink, I tasted the Sangria like flavors and a taste of sweetness as it reached the back of my tongue. Bloody Bull was easy to drink and with two guys drinking Bloody Bull, it was tempting to open a 2nd or 3rd bottle. The taste is smooth and I agree with Joe M on the rating:
AAA for an Eastern European Wine
AA when compared to a similar American Wine like a Sutter Home Zinfidel.

So jump in you car and drive over to Joe Canals in Sicklerville and to Blackwood Liquors in Blackwood, pick up a couple of bottles and tell them Joe of SimBeverage sent you.

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