Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Your Nude On!

Get Your Nude On! Oxymore-ron ! ! !

When have you ever tasted an American made vodka that puts the Russians and French to shame, probably Never, until now.

Nude Spirits has developed a 100% Gluten Free Vodka called NUDE.

750 ML bottle. Beautiful logo and priced equally if not more than Grey Goose.

Nude Vodka will literally kill the Goose, and then you can eat that french food that I cannot even spell with it.

Scroll down and view the list of Liquor stores who are stocking NUDE VODKA.

Nude vodka is made from USA grown Corn and produced in the Great State of Oregon.

All I ask is that you purchase a bottle today. Don't look for the crazy fad flavors from NUDE. You will see and taste True American made Vodka from Nude Spirits.

Let me know your opinion. contact me.

Have a Nice Day.

Coming Next my review of "Bloody Bull" A semi-dry wine from BULGARIA and where to find it.


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