Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good Evening to everyone:

Their is an American Made Vodka from American Made Corn by a company called Nude Spirits. Nude Vodka is 100% Gluten Free, Retails at the same or $1.00 more or less than Grey Goose. Nude Vodka has a very nice taste, feel in the mouth and doesn't burn. Perfect Straight Up, on the Rocks, in mixed drinks and is tops when made as a Martini of any flavor or style.

IF you would like to know where to find Nude Vodka, email me at:

If you are a liquor store, Restaurant, Country Club, Night Club or Bar, contact me for an appointment and I will be happy to offer you a sampling/tasting of Nude Vodka.

For connoisseurs of Vodka, you have to try Nude Today, What are you waiting for? ? ?
This American grown and made Vodka will put Grey Goose in 2nd Place.
Do the taste test, find a restaurant that will be interested in tasting Nude v. Grey Goose and contact me:


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