Monday, December 20, 2010

See you at Joe Canals-Sicklerville,NJ

On Wednesday December 22nd, Joe Canals-Sicklerville NJ, on Sicklerville Rd & Jarvis Rd.
Come on in between 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM for a wine tasting of Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio, A Pinot Grigio blended with a 40% Garganega Grape.
What is the Garganega grape?
Good question!
If you have ever had a Soave Bolla white wine, you have had Garganega grapes!
The Garganega is from the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy, the best of the grapes offers a "marzipan flavor."

The Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio is a fine wine for under $10.00 but tastes like a $30.00 wine, from start to finish. If you are and have tasted Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio and you consider yourself a wine "geek or snob" then it wouldn't hurt to try Ca'Isadora at your next meal with family and friends, the wine is also a great gift, and this is one wine, that I include in my wine tasting at your home or business.

I like doing wine tasting. My approach is fun and entertaining. I offer great wines at real reasonable retail prices from local liquor stores in New Jersey as well as quality beers and spirits.

I represent two importers who acquire many brands from around the world. Read past blogs for the liquor stores who purchase from me. My list can grow by asking your neighborhood liquor store to contact me at: 856-848-7300-home/office at any time, if not there, leave a message.

If you would like a wine tasting, or if you are interested in me, making true home made pizza, stromboli's , and my super pepperoni gravy at your home or business, contact me and we can make a wine event into a food and wine event at your location.

I am very hands on and fun.

SimBeverage was created in August and launched in September due to lack of jobs in the marketplace. I have a mortgage to pay, my wife left and divorced me on December 8th. Whatever happened to the lines "For Better or for Worse" in my case it would be temporary "Worse."

I entered the liquor business in an effort to meet my mortgage obligations, I am not there yet. By day, I operate SimBeverage, by night Monday-Wed, and the weekends, I work part-time at Home Depot in Cherry Hill, NJ, where you will find me in the Electrical department, possibly Floor and Wall, Seasonal and on occasion greeting customers at the door.

As you get to know me, You will find me to be intelligent, a really nice man, who works hard and is struggling to get ahead once again, just like you may be struggling, I feel your pain!.

I ask you to please patronize the liquor stores that I serve and suggest to your neighborhood liquor stores to contact me in order to carry your favorite wines, beers and spirits that I discuss here on my blog. Together we will all get out of this government and bank created mess successfully.

Sorry to be so personal here, but I am sad that my marriage ended. Sad that I had to close my small electronics manufacturing business, it was the prudent business decision in order not to take on any debt.

My blog will grow with your support, pass along my blog to your friends and family, co-workers and the globe. Remember I could be cooking in your home, doing a wine tasting at an event for your company. I will do anything necessary to earn enough income to hold onto my home and place it in my name.

My ethics will not allow me to let this home go, after all the effort I put into it.

SimBeverage will be taking on specialty foods in January, and spices, Look for the Simiriglio Spice brands to show up in local Deli's, start talking up Simiriglio Spices to your local retailers, I will put product in their stores on consignment, and if anyone wishes to host a "SPICE NIGHT" we can do that do, along with a little cooking for everyone to try my smoked salt, pepper, jalapeno,Sugar, and other spices.

Let's pull out of this recession together.

If anyone owns a business in trouble and requires a consultant to help organize it and restructure it, I can help, contact me: 856-848-7300.

Thank You, See you Wednesday.

Joe Simiriglio Jr

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