Monday, March 7, 2011

Wines of Portugal, The Tasting! Today Finisterra Red Wine under $8.00 at Joe Canals in Sicklerville.

WOW! Can't believe its March 7th,2011. In my last blog (1/24/2011), I said I would discuss the Wines of Portugal that I represent. Many events occurred between 1/24/11 and this past weekend. I apologize to everyone who follows my blog.

On Friday February 18th. My friends Frank & his girlfriend Ann, Keith and his Wife Renee, My friend L'aura and myself tasted Finisterra Red & Finisterra White.

I uncorked the wines at 3:30 PM for their first tasting at Joe Canals in Sicklerville, where half of each bottle was tasted and more than 1-case of each Finisterra Red & White were sold for under $7.99 a bottle. Over 60 customers tasted both wines on that day.

Well as my friends assembled, Frank brought over Chicken Wings, I made hamburgers on the grill, Keith made spare ribs. We had pepperoni and cheese, Doritos nachos chips, potato chips, green olives, and other snacks.

Each guest was offered a glass of Finisterra Red and White wine along with their foods that they choose to eat while tasting the wines.

Frank went first: I am having a hamburger, with pepper cheese, and Finisterra Red.
"The Wine is easy to drink, light on the tannins, not heavy at all, more like a Merlot..." I rank it a AA+

Ann: I am having a slice of pepperoni pizza and the Finisterra Red. "The wine isn't overwhelming, soft finish, not dry and not sweet, just there, I give it a AA+ too."

Keith: I am having a hamburger, plain, nothing on it, with green olives on the side.
"I am drinking the Finis Red; The wine is medium bodied, not heavy at all, easy to drink, no string alcohol after-tones, maybe a little blackberry, easy finish.
I rank it a AAA for a wine under $10.00."

Renee: I will drink my wine first, then eat. " I am not a fan of Red wines, I prefer white fruity wines, but the Red Finisterra has a taste similar to a Merlot, nice color, nice aroma, for taste, its' light and a little fruity, but not as fruity as a white wine like a Pinot Grigio." I give it a "AA."

L'aura: I am having a spare rib,which is very spicy and loaded with Hot Sauce, I like Red wines. "here it goes, first timer here, I agree with Renee, it does taste similar to a Merlot, it does have a mild taste to it and it goes down easy, a little hits you in the head, after the full glass, I like the mild taste and the softness on the tongue. I would rank it a AA+. and the price is right for a party like this."

Joe (me) Well, i haven't eaten yet. "My Red has a rich fruit taste on the tongue like a blackberry, light in tannins, nice finish,it is easy to drink, it's similar to a California Merlot. For a blend of more than three grapes, its very good at the price level of under $8.00 a bottle., I rank it as a AAA for under $10.00 a bottle."

Now could I be biased because I market the product? I am being objective on this one as with all my wines. I don't believe anyone who is not a wine expert and who just wants a decent bottle of wine, will find out that there are many quality wines for under $10.00.

Every palate is different. No one has the corner on deciding what makes a fine wine. When you walk into the store of your choice, pick a wine for under $10.00, and a wine for under $20.00. One evening with your friends, open both bottles, allow the wines to sit open in the bottle for 15-minutes, then another five minutes once poured into the glasses. Try each wine, make sure not to eat anything, drink a glass of water before you taste each wine, keep your palate clean.

Let me know what you think of the differences in the wines.

My next blog will be our tasting of the Finisterra White.

It will be this week.