Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ca'Isadora A tastefully Produced Pinot Grigio Blend 40%Garganega(Soave) 60% Pinot Grigio

Hello to all my readers: I have really busy lately with Wine Tasting at various liquor stores promotring one of the finest in my personal opinion of a blended Pinot Grigio, CA'ISADORA produced in Italy.
Here are the specs on the bottle:

Indicazione Geografica Tipica
White Wine 2009
Bottled by Ca VI-TI s.r.l
Product of Italy
Alcohol 12% by vol.

The label is all that fancy, the wine has an excellent color, the taste is not very sweet like most Pinot Grigio's. The blend of the Soave Grape and the Pinot Grape allow for the taste buds to taste a soft fruit along the taste buds, and the finish is F-R-E-S-H!

You can drink Ca'Isadora with any food, from Beef Burgers to a fine fish dinner. You can enjoy it with any cheeses, potato chips, all finger and fun foods, and most of all you can enjoy it with a good cigar, yes I said a good cigar!

Wines don't have to be sniffed every time you take a glass, your finger doesn't have to be pointed out in a certain direction, their is no need for stuffiness in drinking wine of any quality.

Wines are very good at under $10.00.

CA'ISADORA SELLS FOR UNDER $9.00 at the following Liquor Stores in Southern New Jersey:

If you are interested in purchasing CA'ISADORA, ask the store owner if they are set up to sell you Ca'Isadora online and ship it to your State.
If not, I Will find a vendor who I can place Ca'Isadora in their online system.

Joe Canals-Sicklerville, NJ stocks 750 ML bottle & 1.5 L bottle ($9.99 ea)
Towne Liquors-Woodbury NJ- 750 ML bottles
Cramps Liquors-Edgwater Park,NJ-750 ML bottles
Liquor Ranch-Pennsauken, NJ-750 bottles
Buyrite Liquors-Deptford, NJ-750 bottles

The next time you visit one of the stores above, go in and ask for
CA'ISADORA Pinot Grigio.

For under $10.00 a bottle, its a well rounded, fun wine to drink.

If you have ever had a glass or a few of Soave Bolla, and if you remember the taste on your palate,then combine that historical taste bud taste to blending it with a very good Pinot Grigio from Italy.

You cannot go wrong with a light tasting fruity Ca'Isadora Pinot Grigio blend. This one of a kind blend is perfect for your wine rack, shelf and for sure on yoru table for family and guests.
Drink Chilled or room temperature, its a MLW for me and with over 6-in store wine tasting, the customers of my liquor store customers are averaging 3-bottles a purchase, each time they come into the respective stores.

Joe Canals-Sicklerville has been so successful that the owner is now stocking Ca'Isadora in the 1.5 L bottle and retailing the wine for $9.99 a bottle 1.5L.

let me know when you try it.

Have a nice day,