Monday, October 6, 2014

$8.99 Mundo de Yunter Product of Spain

Well I am finally back after a long hiatus. Sorry to my fans. Certain things in life just got in my way. I recently started shopping for wines at Wegmans's a large supermarket chain who has unattached liquor stores next to their quality supermarket. I found a wine from Spain called MUNDO de YUNTER. A red wine. composed of 85% Tempranello and 15% Syrah. The bottle states the wine is from the LA Mancha region of Spain. The vintage is 2012. I paid $8.99 for this bottle and went onto consume a total of three bottles over a three weekend time frame. I introduced this wine to a woman I was dating and this wine suited her to the "P" as in Perfect in taste, texture and aroma. The wine was enjoyed with Barbecue Hamburgers, chicken, Spare Ribs and Steaks, along with Corn on the cob, Sweet Potato and late in the evening with dark chocolate. The feel on your tongue is soft, not dry and not wet, but right, easy to drink and sip as well. The wine was served a bit chilled during the hot summer days and at room temperature in the evening. The blended wine was excellent with Doritos, sharp provolone cheese, pepperoni, as well as crackers and hummus of any style. Wines in my opinion who can go well across fine foods to finger foods, from salty(soft pretzels to spicy) are excellent wines to offer your guests. Mundo De Yunter, 2012 vintage, 13% alcohol by volume, is very good and priced affordable... The product is imported according to the label by: Selection LTD, Monsieur Touton New York, NY, USA The bottle is 750 ML. The product is one your family and friends will enjoy over and over again. It's perfect for a romantic evening. The color is a deep red and can be consumed from any style glass, no wine glass required, plastic will do on a picnic. Visit the website: to find this wine in your State. Tell them Joe sent you from Blog: "Wines don't have to be expensive to be good." Wine drinking should be fun. My blog is for those individuals who aren't wine snobs. While their may be a few wines that deserve a price tag of $100.00 or more, You will never see me purchasing a bottle of wine above $10.00 Joe.